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 beautiful, exotic and mystical places.

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The Direct, Clear Way To
Uncover the Gifts of Your Life
That Live Within You

"As your Personal Life Consultant, I will work with you to provide CLARITY, BALANCE and WELL-BEING for your personal life issues.   I work with individuals and groups to find meaning, purpose and a fuller sense of Self.  I will support you in bringing about your own deepest truths, through spiritual dialogue and awareness.  My purpose is to support and assist you in seeing clearly your participation in what you see as  problems and issues, so that you can choose with clarity and move toward experiences you desire for your life."

-Linda Compton

"Compton, I'll follow you anywhere!' began as a joke, but it has become over the years a heartfelt reality. For three years I have been an Endless Dreamer and have traveled with Linda Compton and and her troop of equally awesome women to Mexico and Costa Rica.

"She has shown me places I would have never found in a guide book, places of beauty and power.  Linda has not only been my Guide through those exotic lands, she has guided me to powerful and beautiful places inside myself.

"A Caribbean beach at sunset and an Oceanside cafe with prawns and ice-cold beer stimulated honest and loving conversations about my journey, ...a truly life-altering experience; a Mayan pyramid and swim with dolphins was the backdrop to recognizing my power as a strong and wise woman; a trek through the jungle to a secluded waterfall and a close-up view of a spewing volcano gave me a sense of place within the universe; dancing in the dark beside a lake of seven colors awakened a joy and a connection to other women that I had never felt before.

"Linda Compton's Endless Dream trips will allow you to focus on your dreams, find ways to make them reality, and teach you things about yourself that are not possible in any other environment. 

"You will see things you have never seen; do things you've never done; feel things you've never felt; and come to know things you never dreamed of.

"Linda's trips are an adventure of the body, the soul and the mind.  Beware, however, you will return different from when you left!  For me, it has made all the difference-- I am a new life!"

Susan M., Coarsegold, CA.

Available For Services:

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)The "Sacred Hour": Ninety minute personal life private sessions for individuals and couples.

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)Women's  support groups and classes.  I will facilitate your group or support you in creating a group.

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)Personal Life Holidays; 7-14 day spiritual and personal growth holiday vacation retreats to the Mexican Caribbean, Costa Rica, Belize and other exciting, adventurous and enticing places.

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)Organization and business mediation and facilitation.

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)Family Mediation: Support in talking about family issues.


"The Sacred Hour:"  What Happens?...

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)Together we clarify issues.

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)We look at existing patterns and new alternatives.

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)You then choose what you would like to have happen.

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)You develop a course of action to get what you want.

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)Through listening, and spiritual dialogue, I support, guide and encourage you to recognize the important features and central contradictions taking place in your present life.


Benefits of Having a Personal Life Consultant:

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)Have a clear understanding and awareness of how your life is presently set up; and what you can expect as it continues.

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)Have a clear understanding and awareness of "perceived" obstacles that keep you from trusting the choices you make for yourself and your relationships.

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)Be able to look with clarity at significant relationships you choose causing pain, sadness and an overall sense of unhappiness.

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)Support in making choices that will have a positive, constructive and spiritual. impact in your life and others around you.

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)Have an opportunity to look at old beliefs, doubts and fears that have kept you stuck .

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)Have an opportunity to explore your problem or issues in a safe, trusting environment without judgement or blame.

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)Day to day action tools for dealing with other areas of your life.

sumbul2d.gif (145 bytes)A personal experience of feeling love for yourself and others, eliminating shame humiliation and a lack of self worth.

Through these personal life benefits,
you will receive
Spiritual Clarity, Emotional Balance
and Physical Well Being.

The Endless Dreamer:

Linda Compton is an Endless Dreamer and Manifester of her own Dreams. She is and has been spiritually committed to her life's work and supporting others in realizing theirs for the past fifteen years.  I am trained as a Personal Life Consultant at the Creative Studies Institute in San Francisco; studied with the American Institute of Stress Management; a psychology graduate of Mills College in Oakland and a graduate of Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. I create and facilitate women's workshops and retreats; I have taught the "You Can Heal Your Life" class; a Mediator/Arbitrator with the California Community Dispute Services; and a Diversity Trainer-Facilitator, all of which have been dreams and are now manifested.

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