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Here are a few of the sites that we've created. These sites were designed to look best in a 640X480 or 800X600 browser window (we think Internet Explorer is best) with as many colors as your computer can display. The links will open a new browser window. After visiting the site, just close the browser and you'll be back here.

Shannon & Jeal Fine Furniture

This client came to us with a site that had been developed by a friend. The problem was that the site wasn't producing sales.  We tossed out the old site and started from scratch. New photography was done for the site. The color scheme and lay out were designed to create an elegant, open and clean look and feel. Special care was taken to make the site easy to navigate. Since the re-design and launch of the new Shannon & Jeal Fine Furniture Web Site, sales have "magically" started to take off, returning many times the investment required to produce this successful Web site.


The Nob Hill Hotel

When the owner of this property contacted us, the hotel was in the middle of a major renovation. A large amount of money was being invested in upgrading the property to provide a more luxurious and elegant experience for their guests and he wanted a Web site that would fully communicate this to potential lodging customers.  So it was with this in mind that we planned a site that would include a page for each aspect of the of the hotel that would be of interest to someone planning a stay in San Francisco. The graphics were created to give the visitor a preview of style they could expect to find when visiting the actual hotel. For instance, the marble tiles that were used for the hotel walls were scanned for use in the site graphics. To keep costs down, we used photography from brochures that were also in development at the time. The site was organized to make it easy to find what visitors are most interested in and (as always), graphics were created to be as fast downloading as possible.  After the site was launched, we worked with the hotel staff to devise an online marketing plan to start getting traffic to the site. 

The "interactive email form response" shown below let us know that the site was having the desired effect.

Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by
Brian Rxxx (BR@aol.com) on Wednesday, October 21, 1998 at 16:02:02

prefix: Mr.

dayphone: 909-782-xxxx

Arrival Date: 11/1/98

Departure Date: 11/4/98

Number of Rooms: 1

Number of Adults: 2

Special Requests: I am looking for a special place with a nice touch.  Your web page looks as though you might offer it.


The volume of reservations from the Web let us know that the marketing plan was working. We were very happy to be able to show this client what a difference a well planned and professionally executed Web site and marketing plan could do for their business.


This site was for a small AM radio station located at South Lake Tahoe, Ca. We created all the graphics and page layouts to make all the station information easy to get at. The most valuable result of having this site for the radio station was increased interaction with and appreciation from the listeners.   The stations Account Executive used the site in his sales presentations to prospective advertisers.

Prop City

A site primarily for people in the film and video production industries who are in need of props. Searchable pages featuring photos and rental information for thousands of props. 

Endless Dreamer

Special Lamp Distributors

DateLine Travel

Marvelous Show Records


An online database connected site. To demo the database functionality, go to the "Search Jannoo.com" page and search for "General Contractors" with a location of "Ca"

The Knitting Basket

Salina del Sol

Cafe Fiore

Ristorante Il Cartoccio

REM 2000

The Tahoe Tropicana

The Greenhouse Restuarant

Tep's Lake Tahoe Weddings