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Company Background
Shannon & Jeal, a division of Michael Shannon Associates, specializes in handcrafted steel furniture in a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary. The collection, designed by Michael Shannon, Thomas Zickgraf and Peter Jeal, is unified by a classic simplicity of form, each item meticulously hand-crafted at Shannon & Jeal’s factory in San Francisco. Their furnishings are infused with elements of fine art, resulting in a line of heirloom quality furniture that can be passed from generation to generation. The Shannon & Jeal line features a wide array of beds, chairs, settees, tables, mirrors and shelving. In addition to producing its own collections, Shannon and Jeal can also accommodate custom changes to their standard line as well as complete custom fabrication of client’s designs. Most of Shannon & Jeal’s line is fabricated in mild and stainless steel. A variety of finishes are offered from antique pewter to a high polish modern finish. Maintenance free and painted finishes are also available.

During its 15 year history, Shannon & Jeal has grown on the reputation for design integrity and fine craftsmanship in its own line as well as on the partnerships it has developed to manufacture additional products. Serving as a manufacturer of Pierre Deux products and Federated Department Stores visual merchandising displays, Shannon & Jeal has become a recognized leader in the fine furniture industry.

Natural: pewter, blackened, high polish (some maintenance required)
Maintenance Free: pewter, black, near chrome (can be used for outdoors)
Painted: bronze, copper, black, antique silver, custom colors and finishes available

Shannon & Jeal specializes in hand-crafted steel furniture in their own line as well as custom designs and custom changes to their standard designs per customer specifications.

Contract Discounts
Shannon & Jeal offers discounts for multiple purchases and can often adjust designs or manufacturing techniques to meet budget constraints.

For sales information please contact:

Thomas W. Zickgraf
Vice President for Sales & Operations
722 Steiner St.
San Francisco, CA. 94117

415 563 2727                                       


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