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Indian Oven Restaurant

India Clay Oven Restaurants

Great India Restaurant
San Francisco, Ca

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North Beach Pizza
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Golden Gate
Indian & Pizza

India Palace

Star India

Mehfil Indian 

Zante Pizza

Village Pizzeria

North Beach Pizza San Francisco

What our customers
are saying-

"I'm so glad we decided to go with Studio Trans' service.  I've received nothing but GREAT feedback from my staff and my customers. Your service is excellent. I especially appreciate the Studio Trans team's timeliness and attention to detail when we have needed special services.."

-Denis Lappos 
CEO- North Beach Pizza

"Where were you guys two years ago?   We've spent thousands of dollars trying to get something like this developed and no-one was able to come through.  This is EXACTLY what we were looking for!"

- Jalles Valadao
CEO- Mr. PizzaMan

"We haven't had a single problem with the orders we receive.
We're VERY happy!"

-Lavendar Krastas
Haystack Pizza

"It's working GREAT! Our customers love it and if they're happy, I'm happy."

-Ben Parvizi
CEO-Parvizi Galleria

"It's a pleasure working with you guys.  You've made it very easy for us to get this project launched."

-Alec Kerachi
CEO- Pizza Food, Inc

 Introducing transACTIONcart

Our customers are getting rave reviews from their customers!*

"This was perhaps the easiest to use and best organized ordering experience I've had on the web (or not on the web, for that matter). Excellent job! This comment is based on 20 years in the I.T. business. Great work! I found the web site just by typing in the logical URL."

Joseph H.
San Francisco

"LOVE it! Don't let this ever go away! A boon to admin types who have to order lunch for the whole office crew!"

Pamela T.
San Francisco

"I never used your system before tonight yet I could easily do so with this system. The site is well constructed, responsive, clear and idiot proof.
(I've been reviewing web systems for years, this one is one of the best.)"

San Francisco

"Fabulous online ordering.  THANK YOU!!  I am Deaf and this is easy for me!  hooorayy!"

San Francisco

"this is the most efficient and user-friendly online ordering system *ever*. Thanks!"

San Francisco

"What a painless way to order our office pizza bash!!"


"i think every restaurant should have this system! we love it!"


"ok, I've been calling for years, but this is SO MUCH EASIER! I like it alot. Well executed and clean. good job."


"This is GREAT!!! We LOVE your food and now this is sooooo easy!!!"

Daly City

"this is SO great!! :)"

San Francisco

"love the idea of future deliveries!! and electronic coupons - we'll be telling others about you guys!!!"

San Francisco

"Very easy to use. Good links. Very intuitive. Nice job."


"This is the first online ordering I've ever done. I'm shocked that it's even available, let alone how easy it is. I also think the online coupons are great!"


"You did a great job on your site. No frills, just quick navigation!... Awesome that you put up electronic coupons."

San Francisco

"Best on line ordering I've tried yet... can't wait for the food to get here to see how well it works!"

San Francisco

"This was wonderful... quick, easy, and free with online coupons ect. And the callback was fast too. Thanks for making ordering easy."

San Francisco

"This is a lot easier than calling, you don't have to hold, due to your busy phone orders."

San Mateo

"What a great way to order your food. I love it!"

San Francisco

"I have used Dominos and your system is better..."

San Francisco

"I really like the ordering system. Not only the menu and options (hot, mild), but also the total amount spent."

San Francisco

"I'm glad you're back online. I used to order  from you through and I like your new website better.

...Congratulations! "

San Francisco

"Very nice and easy to use system. Much better than  I found out about your website because i guessed it one night when i was hungry and i figured you'd have online ordering.

Keith M.,
South San Francisco

"Very snappy and easy to get to what I want.  I hate to wait so I love your interface" 

San Francisco

"A 10!  If I actually get my order within the next 30 to 45 mins then I think that this is the best website in the whole entire world."


* These are actual comments from users submitted after placing orders.

Click here to view full sized image.transACTIONcart is an innovative and powerful new e-commerce tool that gives your Website visitors the ability to easily and enjoyably browse your full color, interactive online product catalog or restaurant menu, select and configure the items they want and with the click of a mouse button, instantly transmit orders or enquiries to your fax number or email address.

If you thought it was just too difficult or too complicated or too expensive to put your product catalog or restaurant menu on your company's Website...

...with an intuitive, easy to use shopping interface that site visitors would enjoy using, again and again to shop and place orders...'ll be happy to discover transACTIONcart does exactly that- simply, painlessly, quickly and with set up and subscription fees that are affordable for any size business- small to large.

In fact, you can get transACTIONcartClick here to view full sized image. on your site, ready for your products and available to shoppers for much less than you might imagine.   If your business qualifies, Studio Trans will even provide your Website hosting and Email services for FREE with your subscription. Ask your account manager for details.

transACTIONcart integrates seamlessly with the "look and feel" of any Website on any Web server.  transACTIONcart can easily, comfortably and intelligently accommodate thousands of menu or catalog items, organized by category.  transACTIONcart DepartmentStore can handle many tens of thousands of catalog items, organized by department and category. 

With transACTIONcart, any number of different menus or catalogs can be linked to any number of store locations. Using our automated order routing system, orders and enquiries are automatically transmitted by email or fax to the store location nearest the customer or to a main office location to be routed manually.

Click here to view full sized image.transACTIONcart lets your customers easily configure any size, color and any number of additional product options that your items feature. Whether it's a pizza with specially priced toppings, a sandwich with pre-selected and optional, separately priced condiments or a Porsche with all available configurations and options, our intuitive and highly interactive shopping interface makes catalog or menu browsing, item selection & configuration and order placement a breeze for your customers!

transACTIONcart supports interactive coupons, delivery fees, minimum order amounts, and only allows order submissions during the hours you specify.  Different store locations can have different hours to accept order transmissions.  Different sales tax rates are also calculated based on store location. And transACTIONcart was designed and programmed to be totally accessible for sight impaired or blind people who need to use screen readers. 

Additionally,  with our customization services, your transACTIONcart can be configured with product interfaces customized to intelligently sell your product the way your sales people would.

transACTIONcart delivers the shopping experience your customers and prospective customers have been searching for!

transACTIONcart works for your business in the following ways:

  • Every business needs new customers to prosper or even survive! Online product catalogs and restaurant menus with ordering functionality bring in new customers from the Internet and facilitates repeat business.

  • transACTIONcart targets educated, affluent Internet users resulting in larger, more frequent orders and purchases.

  • transACTIONcart minimizes or eliminates many problems & misunderstandings due to pronunciation & language difficulties. You can even have your menu or catalog available to online shoppers in multiple languages.

  • transACTIONcart improves customer service by reducing or eliminating telephone busy signals for customers who want to place orders now. 

  • transACTIONcart increases employee productivity and efficiency by allowing employees to concentrate on serving in-store customers and not being distracted by ringing phones.

  • transACTIONcart is like having an employee that can take orders from 100's of customers at once and never needs a day off.

  • transACTIONcart adds bang to your advertising buck. By including your Web address and the words "Online Ordering" in your advertising, you'll increase the response you get from the ad.

  • The Web is by far the most cost effective distribution medium available for your catalog or restaurant menu and coupons. The Web goes where your target market lives and works- the local neighborhood, the whole country or the world.

Are you tired...

...of paying, month after month, for your Website to just sit there and do nothing to improve your bottom line?

By enabling online customers to make purchases from your interactive product catalog or restaurant menu, transACTIONcart energizes your Website & finally delivers a return on your investment that you can measure.

For a product demonstration contact:
Mike Barker, Account Manager
415.287.0424: office